Thursday, April 22, 2021

On Chess Piece Felt Queens and Some Action Figures!: A Photo Post

The White Queen and Red Queen are ready to attend this weekend's virtual Lewis Carroll Society of North America meeting on my sweater!

And continuing with the Alice theme, I'm completely enamored with the set of Furuta action figures I treated myself to last month along with the Kaiyodo White King, Haigha, and the standing White Queen figures towards the back. The Furuta ones aren't quite as detailed as the Kaiyodo ones I've been collecting over the past few years, but I still absolutely love them and they cover a few illustrations Kaiyodo did not.

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Friday, April 2, 2021

On "Wallpaper Octopus": An Artist Book & Poem

In honor of National Poetry Month and as a follow-up to my last paper crafting post, this is another book style made from a tutorial given as part of the virtual Form & Function From Afar conference held by Book Paper Thread

After making my first triangle fold book, I immediately started thinking about all the interesting possibilities that this form would allow for and for some reason doing an octopus theme stuck with me. Going in somewhat of a Victorian Steampunk direction, I then moved on to thinking about how it'd be interesting to have a wallpaper print paper and have the octopus tentacles coming out of it.

Since this was along the lines of something else I've been brainstorming for a writing project and having had more of a yearning in the past year to illustrate some of the poems I've written, I ended up writing a poem to go with the book before I even started making it. 

Once the book portion was done, created using cardstock for the cover and scrapbook paper for the inside (including a copy of the original paper for the inside section since I cut my paper on the wrong grain and only had one piece), I created the octopus tentacles from a one sided textured paper, which worked out nicely for painting the suction cups on. Then I debated where the poem should go, but opted for writing it in a subtle brown colored pencil along the side of the pages and like how it took on a sooty appearance rather than being boldly noticeable. I also rewrote it on another slip of paper and tucked it in between the cover and the inside piece (the top and bottom of the cover are folded down about half an inch creating a "holder" it neatly slid into). There may also be the body of an octopus hiding in there, but as I'm not completely satisfied with it, that will be a picture for another day.

As I didn't have any joint pain this past weekend (something that's been keeping me from sewing or working on anything extensive), I threw myself into this and am rather pleased with how it turned out!

Wallpaper Octopus

 The paper has begun to tear
A ripple here, a crinkle there
A rustling in the wall at night
A cautious mouse, just out of sight?


Something moving in the wall
You can hear it in the hall
Something pulsing, then a push
Suckling crackle, then a swoosh!

In the parlor, near the chair!
Can you see it? Something--there!
Wiggly, waving tentacle
At the paper starts to pull...

I think this is the first piece of my poetry I've shared on here, so I hope you've enjoyed it! Happy start of National Poetry Month and may your walls be octopus free!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

On "Audrey (Cow)": A Book Review

Title: Audrey (Cow)
Author: Dan Bar-El
Genre: Children's Fiction

About the Book...
Audrey the cow is told there are three kinds of cows: milk cows, work cows, and food cows. She's in the later category. This is something she just can't accept, so after her mother is taken away she begins to plan how she might escape her fate with the help of the other animals living on Bittersweet Farm.
Piece by piece, the story of Audrey unfolds through a series of interviews with the animals and humans involved in the whole escapade.

Inspired by the true story of escaped cow, Cincinnati Freedom/Charlene Moo-Kin, in Ohio.

What I Think...
Another children's book that got my attention because it has such a cute, appealing cover and because, as opposed to picture books, you just don't see many children's chapter books about cows. 

This was a very sweet, entertaining story that was over way too soon. While the idea of an animal wanting more than their life has to offer is nothing new, I liked that this came across as less of a forced lesson about trying to succeed in attaining a goal and just flowed along in a natural way. I love that it was told in an interview/documentary format, which would definitely make this fun for a group read aloud. Each of the characters have a clearly defined personalities, including Audrey herself, cows with UFO fixations and accents, a nervously smart pig, and a sneaky skunk among others, all which make the story more amusing. Adding further to this are the delightful illustrations by Tatjana Mai-Wyss!    

To Sum it All Up...
A fun story about a cow with a dream of poetry and freedom and how she goes about trying to get it. I will definitely be looking forward to reading other books by Dan Bar-El!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

On A "Hoppy" Spring!: A Photo Post

Continued failure to get blog posts written and up, so a quick photo post to wish everyone a happy first day of spring!

"On your mark, get set, HOP!"